How to Receive Remote Healing as an Absentee Student

If you are unable to attend a PureBeautiful Healing class, workshop, or Energy Healing Transmission event in person, we do offer the option for you to receive long distance healing, if you meet both of our qualification requirements as specified below.

To qualify, you must

1. Communicate to the office of PureBeautiful Healing and describe your specific circumstances as well as the reason why you are unable to attend a class or energy healing transmission event in person. Your inability to attend the class in person must be due to circumstances beyond your control.

2. Believe that you resonate with the PureBeautiful Healing's energy field as you know you deeply care about the well being of the Earth and you enjoy helping others.

The reason we must make sure you have met the qualification requirements before we give you permission to register and pay for the class or event as an absentee student for remote healing is that we need to ensure that you will be able to receive effective healing and meeting the requirements is essential for you to receive such healing remotely. Once you deem that you qualify, please follow the procedures below:

Step 1. Register and make full payment online before class.

The procedure for online registration and payment for remote healing is the same as that for attending class in person with the same fee. If you are someone whom  Master Mu has not met in person, please email your photo along with your registration so Master Mu can connect with you more effectively.

Step 2. Prepare to Receive Healing Transmission Remotely.

Please follow instructions below to optimize your long distance healing transmission.

Follow the same schedule to begin and end the class or event at the same time. Set yourself up as though you were sitting in the classroom with other students receiving the teachings and healing transmissions in person from Master Cathy Mu. Relax your entire body, open your heart and mind, fill your heart with humility, sincerity, gratitude, and reverence, and connect to the PureBeautiful Healing energy field. Master Mu will read the information on your registration form and put it right in front of her and include you in the class or event throughout this period.

In order to ensure that the remote healing will work for each student effectively, it is very important for the student to have a good understanding of what we do, why we do what we do, and how we do it, and to feel strong resonance with this sacred work. We'd like to make a suggestion to you in order to help you connect to the PureBeautiful Healing energy field closely. If your schedule allows, during the time of the class, please log on the PureBeautiful Healing website at to read the Mission Statement and other articles on the website and stay on the website. You may also listen to some of the audio or watch video clips posted on the website. If you can't, at least log on the website so you can remain connected with the PureBeautiful Healing's energy field.

We hope these tips will help you better understand PureBeautiful Healing's work and the Universal Techniques we have fortunately received to help us with the work and it will help you reeceive the Energy Healing Transmissions effectively.

If you are new and have not met Master Mu in person, you are welcome to email us a recent photo of you by yourself (without sunglasses) so Master Mu will be connecting with you more deeply in her remote energy transmission. This is for your extra benefit and is, of course, at your discretion.

We are ​doing live streaming on all of our classes. This way you can hear and see what is being taught in addition to receiving the Energy Healing Transmissions if you decide to join us as a remote student. Registration including tuition is the same whether you attend in person or remotely.

For a long time way before we started live streaming our events in February of 2014, we had received many remarkable and amazing healing stories from students worldwide who had the opportunities to receive Energy Healing Transmissions remotely from a variety of our classes and workshops. Many students from locations far way, such as Oregon, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Iowa,  in the USA, and various countries such as India, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, and various countries in Europe, including Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates, have reported transformational and powerful healing from attending our classes and workshops remotely. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you will receive optimal healing results.

Even if you are not able to watch the live streaming during the actual event (due to reasons beyond your control, such as schedule conflict or lack of Internet), you will still be receiving Energy Healing Transmissions, as Master Mu will be connecting with you and sending you the energy transmission remotely before, during, and after the event, and it has worked very effectively for our participants based upon their feedback.

Visiting our website frequently can also increase your level of connection.