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PureBeautiful Healing Foundation is an educational organization that is non-profit and non-religious. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals in restoring vibrant physical, emotional and mental health, and in their spiritual awakening and transformation. The self-healing and self-empowerment techniques and practices that we teach and share joyfully are heart-centered. They are proven ways for more abundance in health, wealth, and happiness.
We are based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.

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   Master Cathy Mu Receiving the Award of "Master of the Year 2016 for Health Qi Gong"

We are so happy to share that our beloved teacher Master Cathy Mu just received the award of "Master of the Year 2016 for Health Qi Gong" at the 17th World Congress on Qi Gong , Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.

Master Mu lead powerful workshops there every day from Friday 9/2 to Sun. 9/4, as part of her services to the community on behalf of PureBeautiful Healing Foundation. Many people attended her amazing workshops and benefited from her pure and loving energy transmissions and valuable teachings, such as "How to Master Your Health, Wealth, Beauty, & Happiness" and "The Secret to the Fountain of Youth, Radiating Beauty, & Joyful Love". Master Mu also led a special "Dancing Qi Gong for Vibrant Health, Ever-Lasting Beauty, and Closer Connection with the Divine" at the Opening Ceremony.

It was very moving to watch people enjoying the beautiful Divine Energy Master Mu channeled in and the highly effective practices Master Mu taught.


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