Enlightened Abundance Workshop Testimonials

Thank you for the Abundance in Health, Finance & Consciousness Shift Towards Animals (from the Abundance Workshop on 8/13/2016)

from Jules Blanc (Cook), Mare Island, California:

I would like to start by saying Thank You for everything you do for our benefit.

Whenever I register for the Abundance workshop, I am gifted seemingly magical upgrades in my spiritual practice, shifts in my perspective of relationships, and the enhancements of various organ systems. There is always some improvement in my physical body. For example, one day out of nowhere, I had a massive nosebleed while driving my bus...never one before, and not one since. It completely cleared up a sinus infection I'd had for months. That part of my self has never felt better! I had registered for an abundance class shortly before that. On August 1, I decided to fully embrace being a vegetarian again. The philosophy is in sync with me, but I still didn't feel it... like, really feel it. Recently, I was presented with a truly spectacular vision in which animal representatives in the Universe came to me and said, "We have feelings, too!" and animal mothers and their babies were crying just like in Master Mu's story about the restaurant owner with the sheep and the lamb. I can feel it now.

While financial matters for myself and my lineage are still a challenge, there are real improvements. A positive shift is occurring as I am working on re-financing my home.

I believe this time is the winner!

Again, the opportunity to have found PBH or been found by PBH is a wonderful and enlightening gift. The spirit of cooperation instead of competition truly fits my person. PBH has become my "church" of sorts and I look forward to my blossoming relationship with all of you as life unfolds.

Much Love, Jules

My Income More Than Doubled!​ (from the Abundance Workshop on 8/13/2016)

Galen Friendfrom Galen Friend, Massage Therapist, Lafayette, California:

At first I was debating whether to take ​Master Mu's​ ​A​bundance ​Workshop or not because of all the things I had on my "to do" list that day. I wasn't sure I could spare the time or the money so I asked the universe to give me a clear sign as to whether it was the right thing to move forward with or not. Immediately I got a few unexpected clients. I was so happy with that in itself that I would have been completely satisfied with those results alone but that was not all that occurred. I signed up for the workshop which was on the 13th, and I realized while doing my accounting at the end of the month, that my income had more than doubled that month, something that had not occurred in my 19 years of being in business. I was totally shocked and elated. The amazing thing was also that I didn't feel like I worked any harder that month, and the clients were coming to me instead of me finding them. I am grateful to Master Mu and the part the abundance workshop played in my new and very improved relationship with money. Thank you so much for the blessings, it sure made a difference in my life.

In gratitude, Galen Friend

More Unexpected Money Flooding in from the Abundance Workshop on 7/18/2015: $29,000 and Counting

From Julie Gleeson (3rd Time Participant of Master Mu's Abundance Workshops)

I received unexpected income for $6,000 during the preparation stage of Master Mu's Abundance Workshop and then right after the workshop $7,900 came to me as a nice surprise. Now it's been two months after the workshop, here is a quick report of more unexpected revenue only, without counting any of my normal business income:

1.  Booked a private retreat last week, $4500

2.  Booked another private retreat on Saturday, $3000

3.  Booked another private retreat on Sunday, $4500

4.  Booked another one today, $3000.

​I​'ll figure out the new way to​ work!

​Also, I got home last night and ​received ​a $100 Verizon debit card in the mail that I can use on any purchases.I know more money is coming, but to tally up for now, it is $29,000 already! 

Thank ​ you​ so much for the clarifying abundance work you do.  

I only Have Room for Amazing Now​ (from the Abundance Workshop on 8/13/2016)

Sabrinafrom Sabrina Lee (Certified Financial Planner), Oakland, California:

I have to say that since the Abundance workshop, your response of "I only have room for amazing" (when I told you that I knew your grapes would be amazing) has stuck with me! I've started to run everything in my life through that funnel of - is this amazing? Just having that awareness has drastically affected my life in a positive way and has empowered me to let go of things that are no longer serving me or fueling my spirit. I even made a painting with that quote and put it up on my wall so I see everyday when I wake up. Thank you for your wisdom and love!!

In addition, I've noticed so much abundance in my life from love, support and in the form of food! My family, friends and colleagues have shown me​ much​ love and support. I am grateful for these gifts and feel that there is a positive shift happening in my life.

Thank you again!

Much love,

New ​​Income ​($25,000 ​​and C​ounting​) ​I​mmediately ​a​fter ​Watching the ​Recording of the Abundance Workshop​ on 10/25/2014​

Julie Gleesonfrom Julie Gleeson (Best-Selling Co-Author​ of​ "Inside Job: 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving​", ​Founder of The Art of Living, Inc.and ​​Co-Founder of​ Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.), ​Walnut Creek, California:

Oh my gosh, the speed of the results from this workshop stunned me! As soon as I watched​and listened to the recorded program​ ​(as ​I could not attend the live event) I had a client commit to a $10,000 program, then a week later, another one did! Since then I've booked so much business ​($25,000 and counting), I am having to learn how to schedule d​ifferently! Thank you, Cathy (Master Mu)​​, Mary​, and all of the ​helpers at PureBeautiful Healing Foundation​ for making this sacred work possible. Next ​year when you teach this workshop again, I am recommending ​it to ALL of my clients!

Immediate Financial Success After Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely via Livestreaming on 2/9/2014

Hector Camperofrom Hector Campero (Director of Human Development), Mexico City, Mexico:

The day after the Abundance Workshop a new project opened which could last months, and I had two new clients I wasn't expecting at all!!! :o)

I immediately went to purchase a citrine abundance necklace from your online store to keep the momentum going! I feel that I am wearing an energetic blessing and I am full with confidence as I carry it with me during the day.

Thank you so much to Master TianJia Mu!


​All the Worry & Fear Melted Away (from the Abundance Workshop on 8/13/2016)