Enlightened Abundance: The Secret to More​ Prosperity ​and Happiness​

You will discover Master Mu’s Formula on how to clear the Energy Flow of Money Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically to bring in more Abundance so you will have More Money, Fun, and Fulfillment, with Ease, and enjoy a truly enriched life.

Take this great opportunity to reprogram your subconscious about Money in a healthy way so you can enjoy life fully ​while doing what you LOVE, instead of what you have to do.

Master Mu is the ONLY Qi Gong Master who is also a highly accomplished CPA who has helped thousands achieve financial freedom and stay abundant.

Master Mu's time tested and proven formula will help you

  • Overcome obstacles and get what you want easily;
  • Empower yourself with specific tools for abundance;
  • Take the driver’s seat in life and thrive.

Take this workshop if you want to 

  • Fully enjoy life and fulfill your life purpose;
  • Accomplish more with less time and energy;
  • Achieve personal well-being and prosperity while helping others.

In this workshop, Master Mu will reveal her Powerful Formula on how to clear the Energy Flow of Money to protect Wealth and Abundance. Her formula is based upon her 20+ years of experience working as a highly accomplished CPA as well as her profound knowledge about energy as a Qi Gong Master. She has integrated powerful Spiritual practices into Practical techniques. Her methodology is balanced between the left brain's intellectual knowledge and the right brain's powerful connection with the Divine Universe. Master Mu discovered her Secret Formula through working with thousands of successful professionals and business owners over 20 years, from Multi-Millionaires to the "Regular Jane & Joe", in the process of helping them maximize their potentials, achieve their goals, and realize their dreams. Her system is highly effective and easy to understand and implement. 

Because Master Mu's Abundance Formula is both Spiritual and Practical, the results are Super Powerful & Effective Immediately, as illustrated by the Testimonials from many participants.

​Fantastic results were generated immediately from each of the past Abundance Workshops Master Mu led. You may be aware that the powerful energy clearing is not limited to bringing monetary success to the participants, even though the focus of this workshop is on Wealth. Various fabulous results have been generated for greater abundance in health and happier relationships, in addition to wealth. Please click HERE for testimonials from past participants

Master Mu will teach you how to eliminate what's in your Subconscious about money that do not serve you, deepen your understanding about the energy of money, and get in the Flow. 

If you have taken one of the Abundance Workshops, you may wonder if you will benefit from re-taking this workshop. The answer is a resounding YES, as Master Mu will be sharing a lot of knowledge and wisdom on Abundance & Prosperity that she did NOT get to share in the previous Abundance Workshops! Master Mu will also teach NEW powerful experiential exercises in this workshop. Of course, the Transmission to clear Blockages to Abundance will help you clean up the negative energies that may have been built up from your exposure to negative environments since you took the workshop the last time. In addition, OLD habitual thoughts and emotions in your subconscious and OLD behavioral patterns may have returned to block you from prosperity. A good analogy is that we go to our dentist for regular dental cleaning to keep our teeth and gum healthy. The same holds true for the need to clean up blocks to abundance to keep money, joy, and happiness flowing to us. Many people attended the Abundance Workshop more than once, and some attended every time Master Mu led it, because they kept receiving more abundance. If you can use more money and fulfillment in your life, you should definitely take this Abundance Workshop this time.

Of course, each time Master Mu leads another Abundance Workshop, she will share NEW divine downloads on how to enhance your Energy of Money, so you always discover NEW aspects of prosperity and receive the benefits of NEW Energy Empowerment on Money.

Sharing from Past Participants:

More Unexpected Money Flooding in from the Abundance Workshop on 7/18/2015: $29,000 and Counting

from Julie Gleeson (3rd Time Attendee of Master Mu's Abundance Workshops)

I received unexpected income for $6,000 during the preparation stage of Master Mu's Abundance Workshop and then right after the workshop $7,900 came to me as a nice surprise. Now it's been two months after the workshop, here is a quick report of more unexpected revenue only, without counting any of my normal business income:

1.  Booked a private retreat last week, $4500

2.  Booked another private retreat on Saturday, $3000

3.  Booked another private retreat on Sunday, $4500

4.  Booked another one today, $3000.

​I​'ll figure out the new way to​ work!

​Also, I got home last night and ​received ​a $100 Verizon debit card in the mail that I can use on any purchases. I know more money is coming, but to tally up for now, it is $29,000 already!

Thank ​ you​ so much for the clarifying abundance work you do.  

New ​​Income ​($25,000 ​​and C​ounting​) ​I​mmediately ​a​fter ​Watching the ​Recording of the Abundance Workshop​ on 10/25/2014​

from Julie Gleeson (​Best-selling Co-Author​ of​ "Inside Job: 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving​", Founder of The Art of Living, Inc. and ​​Co-Founder of​ Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.), ​Walnut Creek, California:

Julie Gleeson

Oh my gosh, the speed of the results from this workshop stunned me! As soon as I watched ​and listened to the recorded program​ ​(as ​I could not attend the live event) I had a client commit to a $10,000 program, then a week later, another one did! Since then I've booked so much business ​($25,000 and counting), I am having to learn how to schedule d​ifferently! Thank you, Cathy (Master Mu)​​, Mary​, and all of the ​helpers at PureBeautiful Healing Foundation​ for making this sacred work possible. Next ​year when you teach this workshop again, I am recommending ​it to ALL of my clients!

Immediate Financial Success After Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely via Livestreaming (2/9/2014)

from Hector Campero (Director of Human Development), Mexico City, Mexico

Hector CamperoThe day after the Abundance Workshop a big new project opened which could last months, and I had two new clients I wasn't expecting at all!!!  :o) 

I immediately went to purchase a citrine abundance necklace from your online store to keep the momentum going!  I feel that I am wearing an energetic blessing and I am full with confidence as I carry it with me during the day.

Thank you so much to Master TianJia Mu!


Huge Savings on Rent: Another Way of Receiving Abundance (10/25/2014)

from Angie Sachdeva (Chemist), San Mateo, California:

I took the Abundance workshop with Master Mu ​last October, 2014​. Soon afterwards I received great abundance which I'd like to share.

I was notified by the management of the senior apartment complex where I was living that the rent on my one-bedroom apartment would go up by $400 a month effective 1/1/2015. 

A few days later after an exercise class, one of my classmates Nina approached me out of the blue and told me that she was looking for a roommate to share her 2-bedroom apartment. I thought about it for a few days and then decided to ask Nina if I could be her roommate. I was happy when she said Yes. Then she invited me to her apartment to show me the vacant bedroom. I measured it and was amazed to find out that the bedroom was even bigger than the bedroom in my own apartment!  Not only that, Nina even let me move in on December 22, right before the date of my rent increase. As a result of this move, instead of paying $400 more a month, I was able to save $996 a month on rent!

​A​fter I moved in things continued to go well between Nina and me. We have so much in common that we enjoy each other's company tremendously. We like and respect each other a lot.  Since we both travel several months in a year, we often enjoy the entire apartment with total peace and quiet when the other is traveling. In fact, I couldn't have asked for a better roommate.

Wow! The Universe answered all of my ​prayers with perfect timing, and all of this happened right after the Abundance Workshop! Thank you so much Master Mu, your workshop is so amazing! 

A New Car Right After the Enlightened Abundance Workshop (7/18/2015)

from Angie Sachdeva (Chemist), San Mateo, California:

After I participated in the 3rd Abundance Workshop​ on July 18th, this year​ (2015), I received a part of my inheritance from my sister Teresita.  With this money plus the money I saved from sharing a 2-bedroom apartment with a roommate​, ​which was a great benefit I received from the 2nd Abundance Workshop in Oct​ of 2014, I was able to purchase a brand new car that was much needed as my old car was no longer safe to drive. ​

Thank you Master Mu, your workshops are very helpful.


Full Scholarship for my Daughter's Law School, Shortly After Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely (7/18/2015)

from Irma Vergara (Entrepreneur), Quezon City, the Philippines:

The Enlightened Abundance Workshop has indeed brought a surprise in​ my​ life. ​I live in the Philippines. My sister Angie in the US registered for me so I could attend the workshop remotely. After the workshop my daughter Vanessa who is taking up Law in Manila was given an unexpected full scholarship​​, which is $2000 per semester and 100% of her tuition. This was truly a great benefit that happened shortly after the abundance workshop.​

Money Came to Me Out of the Blue Before and After the Abundance Workshop (2/9/2014)

from Marsha Compagnoni (Executive Assistant), Menlo Park, California:

Marsha Compagnoni Two days after I signed up for the Abundance ​W​orkshop, I was walking to the farmer's market. While looking down, I saw $45 in cash on the driveway. It was enough to buy my groceries at the Farmer's Market. This amazing incident happened even before the date of the actual workshop.​ (Note that this makes great sense as a lot of students have received benefits corresponding to the theme of the class before the actual time of the class, while Master Mu spends weeks preparing for the class, clearing the energy blockages for all registered students and sending energy healing transmissions to them.)

That's not all. Something even more amazing happened after ​the Abundance Workshop. Twenty years ago I worked for a start-u​p bio tech company which went through an IPO, from which I received some stocks.​Unfortunately, the company went under shortly after going through the IPO, and I completely forgot that I had stocks there. After the class I got a letter from the California State which notified me that I had $3​,​500 worth of stock​s​ with that​ company. ​The letter went on to say that the State was going to take the stocks if I ​was not going to ​make a ​claim. I ​filled out the ​claim ​form, and I​ got $3​,500.

Part II: A New Car & More...

Marsha with her new car.A few months after I shared the above stories of abundance in class with deep gratitude, more abundance flowed to my life without hard work on my part. A great new car was manifested to replace my 17-year-old car with a better loan and an extra $3,000 to pay towards my higher interest credit cards. Double bonus!  And it continues. My ex-husband called me unexpectedly to let me know that I will soon be eligible for some extra Social Security Benefits which I did not even know about.


Unexpected Money Gifts from Family, Higher Profit Sharing from Employer, and Great Friendships (10/25/2014)

Sabrina Lee, PBH Board of Directors

from Sabrina Lee (Certified Financial Planner), Oakland, California:

I'd like to share that I am continuing to receive abundance! First, I celebrated Chinese New Year with my extended family a few weeks ago. I feel fortunate that my family is close by and I am able to see them more often than the average family. Even though it is a tradition to give red envelopes to those who are not married, I was not expecting to receive any money within the envelopes from them because they didn't need to. I was also not expecting to get much in terms of monetary value from the red envelopes from my parents and brother/sister-in-law. To my surprise, I received a very generous amount. That night I felt an overwhelming feeling of love, support and generosity from my entire family.

Secondly, I just got an email from my COO that this year's profit sharing contribution will be 6% as opposed to the average 3.5-4%! This came out of nowhere,  a​s​ ​I ​continue to receive great fortune and abundance in my life. 

And lastly, I am feeling grateful for reconnecting with old friends and building lasting friendships with new people who have good hearts. 

Thank you for all that you do and for your wonderful energy!

I Received the Biggest Order Ever Right After the Abundance Workshop (7/18/2015)

from Sheila Pacheco (Practicing Herbalist​ & ​Certified Reiki Practitioner), Fremont, California:

I just have to say that the Abundance Workshop was such a wonderful experience for me! Right after I registered for the workshop, I started to receive more inquiries about the plants I have been selling. Also, as soon as I got out of the workshop, I checked my online shop (I sell herbal tinctures and teas on Etsy.com) and saw the biggest order I ever got from anyone!

​In addition, on my way home from the workshop, I got lost in the mountains off Redwood Road but I somehow felt that spirit was guiding me. I ended up meeting some really cool like-minded people! I went hiking with them and joined in on their drum circle with music and singing and had so much fun! I experienced an abundance of like-minded people all day! It was just amazing and I just wanted to share how grateful I am to have been able to work with Master Mu, the ascended masters, and everyone else at the workshop. Such a blessed day!

Thank you,


Wonderful Shifts Since the Abundance Workshop (7/18/2015)

from Summer MacCool (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist), Pleasant Hill, California:

I wanted to respond to the wonderful shifts that have occurred for me since the Abundance Workshop. I have had more inquiries from potential clients through my website advertising. I also have found a greater sense of ease as I consider my wealth expanding and growing. It has been wonderful to find myself busier in my practice as a hypnotherapist. I also have noticed that in a new circle of colleagues I have joined, that my integration is easy and meaningful.

Thank you,

Summer MacCool

Both My Businesses Went Up 10-20% After the Abundance Workshop on 2/9/2014

from Julie Gleeson (​Best-selling Co-Author​ of​ "Inside Job: 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving​", Founder of The Art of Living, Inc. and ​​Co-Founder of​ Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.), ​Walnut Creek, California:

Julie GleesonSince being with Cathy ​(Master Mu) at the ​Abundance ​Workshop ​three months ago​, both of my businesses ​(The Art of Living, Inc. and Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.​) have experienced 10-20% growth. Summer is often a time when our ​business slows​ down at Career Wisdom. This year, no slow down!  I am also finding that I am more appreciative than ever, and that my relationships ​have​ become even more healthy. ​And ​my husband ​Tim and I actually are taking a few days off here and there, so time seems more abundant as well.

Thanks so much!


More Money and a Great Romantic Relationship Right After the Abundance Workshop (2/9/2014)

from Kelly Lynn (Hedge Fund Manager), Menlo Park, California:

Right after the Abundance Workshop on February 9th, I started receiving unexpected money coming in such as checks for $500 or so, and my parents surprisingly gave me several hundred in cash when they see me. In addition, I have got more clients and paid projects since February 9th even though I raised my prices to charge more of what I'm worth.  It's like every time I buy something twice the money comes in to fill the space! 

It was a gradual process for me over the last 6 weeks, but I finally feel like I'm reconnected to the flow of abundance and have faith that I'm provided for by the universe completely.  Everything I seem to wish for is falling into my lap since I'm in the flow now.  I finally manifested a move I've been wanting to make for a long long time. On top of that,  a great romantic relationship came into my life.  I was introduced to the person before the workshop (Jan 22nd, during the time Master Mu was working on every registered student to the Abundance Workshop remotely prior to the workshop to help us clear our energy flow), and right after the workshop I was able to go with the flow and allow it to be better than I could imagine.

The Qi-Infused citrine bracelet I got from PureBeautiful Healing has wonderful energy, too.  I'm considering getting an abundance necklace for a friend of mine as well since the energy was so powerful in mine!



Gifts and Help from My Mom, Greater Relationship with My Girlfriend, and Release of Scarcity Mentality, After Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely (10/25/2014)

from Jams Croft
Since the abundance workshop I have received a lot of abundance in forms of gifts and help from my mother as well as a releasing of the scarcity of money mentality.
My romantic relationship with my girlfriend has become ever more wonderful and loving
​...​ I have never felt so much love for someone and from someone before, and it's truly wonderful! 
I can feel the input of the masters and am very grateful. Thank you :)

Spiritual Abundance (10/25/2015)