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"My 20 Years' Phobia of Driving Across Bridges & Freeways Has Been Healed"

Angie Sachedeva, Chemist

from Angie Sachdeva (Chemist), Modesto, California:​

March 11, 2017

I had phobias for many years driving across bridges or long distance on the freeway, caused by several major car accidents in the past.  In the first car accident, my head went through the windshield.  My head was x-rayed 22 times.  I was also involved in a head-on collision in another major car accident.

​After my first car accident, my ability to drive became limited.  Driving on city streets was all I could manage at first.  Every time I tried to drive on the freeway, I started hyperventilating, and had to move to the shoulder to relax before I resumed driving.  To address this issue, I consulted my doctor. The doctor said there was no cure and advised me to have some brown paper bags in my car and to breathe in it to calm down whenever I started to hyperventilate. I was able to cope with driving on the freeways using this method.  I depended breathing in the brown bag whenever the attack occurred.

As a result of these traumatic car accidents, I stopped driving across any bridge, scared that if the attack was to happen on the bridge, there would be no shoulder to park.  This lasted for 20 years.​

In 2013, I was introduced to Master Mu by a friend Patrick Kong.  I started attending Master Mu’s classes on “Healing the Five Organ Systems”.  I noticed a difference in me after taking the Kidney System Healing class.  My confidence and courage grew as my kidney system became healed and stronger.  I noticed a major break-through in me when driving long distance on freeways without a single episode of hyperventilation to attend Master Mu’s classes.

This year (2017), I enrolled in Master Mu’s “Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for Vibrant Health, Ageless Beauty, and Total Happiness”.  For the first 3 months, the program focused on healing the Kidney System.  As the program progressed, I started noticing a great sense of empowerment emerging from within me while radiating into my life simultaneously.  I felt more confident, courageous, and able to express my feelings to others.  I am also more in touch with my own feelings and express them in a positive way.  I can feel myself taking back my own power.

On March 4 of this year, three days after the webinar on “Healing the Kidney System”, I drove from my home in San Mateo during the day and crossed the Dumbarton Bridge to pick up a friend in Fremont so we could go to Modesto together.  Going home at night, I crossed the bridge again.

The whole round trip took more than 4 hours and I was mainly driving on the freeway. 

A few weeks later I crossed the San Mateo Bridge, which is much longer than the Dumbarton Bridge.

Yeah, I did it! :0).

"The Energy Healing Transmissions for Program 1 from Master Mu Fortified My Strength"

from Laura Aleo (Graphic Designer), ​Clinton, Massachusetts:​

February 27, 2017

​​I am so grateful for my remote energy healing -- I feel these transmissions have fortified my strength through some of the busiest work events of my life.

​Energy Healing​​ Transmissions in an AMAZING way even though I haven't had the chance to watch the actual webinars​. ​Now that I have returned from traveling, I'm going to​ watch the recordings of the webinars to learn the beautiful topics that were taught, which will stimulate my brain and enhance ​my wisdom and knowledge.

Thanks again for this incredible opportunity to receive all of these healings.

​Please pass forward this message of gratitude to Master Mu.

Infinite Blessings,

Enlightened Abundance Workshops

New ​​Income ​($25,000 ​​and C​ounting​) ​I​mmediately ​a​fter ​Watching the ​Recording of the Abundance Workshop​ on 10/25/2014​

Julie Gleesonfrom Julie Gleeson (Best-Selling Co-Author​ of​ "Inside Job: 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving​", ​Founder of The Art of Living, Inc.and ​​Co-Founder of​ Career Wisdom Institute, Inc.), ​Walnut Creek, California:

Oh my gosh, the speed of the results from this workshop stunned me! As soon as I watched​and listened to the recorded program​ ​(as ​I could not attend the live event) I had a client commit to a $10,000 program, then a week later, another one did! Since then I've booked so much business ​($25,000 and counting), I am having to learn how to schedule d​ifferently! Thank you, Cathy (Master Mu)​​, Mary​, and all of the ​helpers at PureBeautiful Healing Foundation​ for making this sacred work possible. Next ​year when you teach this workshop again, I am recommending ​it to ALL of my clients!

Immediate Financial Success After Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely via Livestreaming on 2/9/2014

Hector Camperofrom Hector Campero (Director of Human Development), Mexico City, Mexico:

The day after the Abundance Workshop a new project opened which could last months, and I had two new clients I wasn't expecting at all!!! :o)

I immediately went to purchase a citrine abundance necklace from your online store to keep the momentum going! I feel that I am wearing an energetic blessing and I am full with confidence as I carry it with me during the day.

Thank you so much to Master TianJia Mu!


Full Scholarship for my Daughter's Law School, Shortly After Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely on 7/18/2015

from Irma Vergara (Entrepreneur), Quezon City, the Philippines:

The Enlightened Abundance Workshop has indeed brought a surprise in​ my​ life. ​I live in the Philippines. My sister Angie in the US registered for me so I could attend the workshop remotely. After the workshop my daughter Vanessa who is taking up Law in Manila was given an unexpected full scholarship​​, which is $2000 per semester and 100% of her tuition. This was truly a great benefit that happened shortly after the abundance workshop.

Gifts and Help from My Mom, Greater Relationshipwith My Girlfriend, and Release of Scarcity Mentality, after Attending the Abundance Workshop Remotely on 10/25/2014

from Jams Croft, London, United Kingdom Since the abundance workshop I have received a lot of abundance in forms of gifts and help from my mother as well as a releasing of the scarcity of money mentality. My romantic relationship with my girlfriend has become even more wonderful and loving​... I have never felt so much love for someone and from someone before, and it's truly wonderful! I can feel the input of the masters and am very grateful. Thank you :)

Spiritual Abundance (from the Abundance Workshop on 10/25/2014)

from Angie Sachdeva (Chemist) San Mateo, California:

My sister Teresita​ ​led a miserable life​. After​ my parents and one sisterpassed away, she became a loner with a lot of resentments and anger against the family and the whole world. I was the only one who could talk to her but I felt helpless in trying to pull her out of her misery because her heart was closed, She moved to another town far from everyone. For all those years, I could only pray, sent her distant healing and visualized her getting better and better each day.

In October 2014, Teresita became sick and she moved ​in ​with my sister Irma whom she hated so much.​Doc​tor​s​ diagnosed her condition as an advanced stage of lung cancer.

I started visualizing her, reciting the​"Four Phrases of Love"and sending her love and light. Irma took good care of her with three caregivers. "I like it here, everyone seem to be happy, I felt loved," Teresita ​finally ​said.

​When I connected with Master Mu​, she advised me​ on how​ to work on healing ​Terisita'sheart and soul​ so she could move on into the Light with peace, love, and joy, when it is her time topass on. At that stage, healing the soul was more important than working on healing her body that wasmeant to be at the very last stage in this life time.​

Teresita recovered her strength for a week, forgave my sisters and the family for all the imagined pain they have caused her.

About 3 am on January 24, I woke up and she came into my consciousness. I was guided to say to her: ​"​Please don't be afraid. Look straight to the bright light. Do not look to the left or right. Inhale and exhale more - do not hold your breath.​"​ Then she disappeared.​..​

​Around 5 am, I got up, did my daily routine with exercises and meditation. I checked my phone and I had 3 missed calls. I knew she​ was​ gone.

​Later, Irma told me: "When the oxygen level went down​, we called the doctor and the priest.​.. ​After we allprayed​,​ Teresita went peacefully​."

I'm glad that I was able to help my sister Teresitaheal her heart and soul with the practices that I have learned here.​ Shefinally learned to ​​forgive and let go,to end her misery, to learnhow tofeel love, ​and to prepare herself​ for her next journey in life​ with a soul that is finally free of fear and anger and is able to love. I'm happy for her. I call this spiritual abundance. ​Thank you.

Feeling So Blessed and Grateful for the Profound Beautiful Energy of Abundance​ (from the Abundance Workshop on 8/13/2016)

Gayathri Shyleshfrom Gayathri Shylesh (Certified BodyTalk /PaRama Practitioner, Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, Reiki Master), Shoreline, Washington: 

Dear Master Mu, Namaste!  Firstly thank you from my heart for your blessings and abundance of your time and energy that you share with so many others.

I had a profound experience during the meditation at the end of the ​workshop - ​Your ​Guided Meditation ​for More Abundance & Prosperity​. A lot of tears came with gratitude accompanied with a deep "knowing" that I already have everything​.​. 
During the meditation, I felt that I merged with the spiritual energy and "I" and any sense of "I" or identity disappeared entirely and it was a feeling of oneness with pure energy. I first noticed that my voice disappeared that I could not speak or repeat the sentences as Master Mu was saying them and it was just energy and vibration. 
I also became aware that it is only the mind that places obstacles and constraints and belief systems that stop us. Once I allowed myself to relax and open up, I became aware of the pure energy that flowed beyond space and time. I also observed or felt/sensed strongly that if we allowed ourselves to be in this state of humility, gratitude and receptivity, that Grace is always flowing to us and all we need to do is to attain stillness and purity of mind to access this beautiful pure healing and abundance. Everything else will take care of itself. I don't need to really "DO" anything and I just needed to allow myself to "BE" open.
Thank you for allowing me to have this reminder, I feel blessed to experience this profound beautiful energy and I am grateful again that I was allowed to receive this. I humbly request to be in your receiving Grace and meditations always.
Wishing you and yours many blessings!
With infinite gratitude, Peace and Light!

Peace and Blessings!

Gayathri Shylesh

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