Testimonials for Classes on Healing the Kidneys/Bladder System Full of Joy, immense Love and Gratitude for This Healing Gift

Full of Joy, immense Love and Gratitude for This Healing Gift

from Joyce Smith (Retired Assistant Principal & Educator with Master's Degree in Bilingual Bicultural Studies), Fairfield, Iowa:

Joyce Smith

Beloved Master Mu, All of Your Staff and Persons Facilitating the 

Kidney Bladder Healing System class I just viewed here in December 2015,

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

I send you immense love and gratitude for this healing gift.

Words do not convey the joy and gratitude I am experiencing after this class.

I especially love your celestial singing at the end, Master Mu.

I felt a lot of energy moving. I also felt a little discomfort in my left kidney (an indication that the energy in the left kidney was weak and the Qi was working on healing ​the weak area). In addition, I saw ​some purple and golden light during the final segment, and felt the presence of the Medical Healing Deities towards the end. 

Thank you for offering the class in this format. It worked great for me, and I am encouraged to do it again in the future.

Love and gratitude to all,

Joyce Smith 

So much Open, Loving, andSexual Energy After Attendingthe Kidney System Healing Class Beyond Time and Space

from Collette Taaffe (Intuitive Healer & Body Worker), Cave Creek, Arizona:

Thank youMary and much love and gratitude to you and Master Mu.

Iexperienced a beautiful shift during the class into my beautiful yin energy. My heart felt so open and loving and so much sexual energy, and creative love and my true essence.

The practice is so gentle yet so powerful.

While working on my clients today I could feel so much love and joy coming through me to them. It did not even feel like work . Ifelt so happy to be this channel for them and to serve.

I am so happy I was guided to connect with Master Mu and all of you.

Just bringing my thoughts to the practice during the day caused the discordant genetic karmic energies to move into love and joy so much faster than before.

Thanks you Thanks you Thank you.

I can feel the ascended masters around me working with me.

Much Love,


Feeling More Confident from the Kidney System Healing Class

Hector Camperofrom Hector Campero (Director of Human Development), Mexico City, Mexico:

I live and work in Mexico City, Mexico, and participated ​​in ​​PureBeautiful Healing's healing event last January, ​as a Remote Student, on Healing the Kidneys/Bladder System with Qi Gong, taught by Master Mu. I was connected with the PureBeautiful Healing energy during the entire event even though there was no livestreaming at the time. By the last hour, I was in a deep state of pure stillness, serenity and wellbeing. I also feel more confident! When I learnt later that confidence is in direct relationship with the health of the Kidneys, I felt truly amazed.

Thank you, Master TianJia Mu!


Thank you for All the Great Benefits from the Dancing Qi Gong for Healing the Kidney System