Releasing Spirit Attachments, Healing Your Body, Mind, and Soul

 from Duane Vos, Santa Rosa, California:

"I really enjoyed Master TianJia Mu and her manner of teaching which was filled with love. I came to class with lower back pain and walked out of class with the pain almost completely gone. This class was very good and filled with good information. Thank you to all of the Universal Grand Masters."

from Kieryn Aquila, Healdsburg, California:

"After studying and experiencing multiple forms of alternative medicine and energy healing, it was this workshop that brought me a new life full of more health and happiness than I had thought possible. This healing brings magical beauty that you ordinarily only hear or read about."

from Mary Gordon, Sebastopol, California:

"I had been living in pain for years. The next morning after the workshop, I woke up PAIN FREE."