Monthly Program 2 on Prosperity & Abundance

"Transformation in my Partner, Myself, and our Home; And Amazingly Increased Confidence in Me"


from Jules Blanc (Cook), Mare Island, California:​

March 26, 2017

This has been a magical week...​​so many good things have happened​ ​since the webinar last Saturday. After explaining the importance of​ ​some of the Feng shui tips with my partner, she is truly onboard.  In​ ​just this one week, I've witnessed​ ​a tremendous amount of organizing,​ ​clearing, and changing things in her​ ​personal environment - more than I've seen in years! She seems more hopeful, more excited about life,​ and is really taking the Feng Shui​ ​changes seriously!  It is great to see​ ​this transformation in her, in myself,​ ​and in my house. Things feel better.
​ ​
There is much more to do, and it will​ ​take​ ​months, but we'll get there.
​The fact that any of this is even happening is a small miracle!  I am blown away when  I realize time and again just how special your offering is to us all.  How grateful I am to be included in PBH and all of your teachings.

​The abundance of changes in my organ systems and the resulting increased confidence I feel is also amazing.  I always tried so hard to be better at jobs, relationships,  everything - to try to gain confidence from excelling at things.  I worked a lot, volunteered, taught​,​ pushed myself to the very edge all the time wondering why I didn't have confidence.  Now I see that it was always there, waiting to be unlocked.  I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - that what she wanted was always there but she just couldn't see it.

I am truly grateful for this.

"A Great New Romantic Relationship & A New Opportunity for My Dream Job​"


from Sabrina Lee (Certified Financial Planner), Oakland, California:​

April 6, 2017

I'd like to share with you the abundance that I've been receiving lately!

I have met someone romantically and I like her a lot. She is thoughtful, funny, smart and has a good head on her shoulders.

I just had a call with the CEO of a start​-up who is looking to hire. His company does what I have been wanting to do for several years now. The call went well and next, I will speak with the other financial planner that they have.

I just continue to feel healthy and abundant in all areas of my life. I thank you​ ​and the universe for all of it!!

Much love,


"My Resilience to Troubles & Difficult Relationships Are Improving"

from Jules Blanc (Cook), Mare Island, California:​

March 13, 2017

It's been interesting to observe the changes around me since we started​ the Program on Abundance & Prosperity​ in Jan. As I have upped my practice, my resilience to troubles has improved, relationships with others have improved including difficult ones as in my older brother​: We had one of the best talks last week in about 60​ years!

​​I'd like to to say a big ​"Thank You​" for all the​ effort and time you're putting into​ this ​Program. I feel lucky to have been chosen.

Much Love, Jules

"Feeling More Free and Lighter and Enjoying Life a Lot More"

from Dr. Kevin Wong, Chiropractor, Seminar Lecturer, specializing in treating the feet/ankles, shoulders and the spine, in Orinda, California.

March 24, 2017 ​

I was a bit skeptical before I ever took Master Mu’s first “Enlightened Abundance” workshop. I enjoyed it so much I decided to try the year-long program on “Mastering Qi for Abundance & Prosperity”. I am surprised at how I am feeling and how the abundance is manifesting itself. I have always been a worrier, especially when it comes to money. Over the course of the last 3 webinars, I have felt different. Here is how I can describe it in summary:

  1. Money is my servant, it is not my master.
  2. I have let go of the power that money has had on me and I feel lighter and more free.
  3. I see my work as a Chiropractor differently. I am allowing the universe to bring people to me in whatever capacity it needs to. I am almost always busy helping people but some days I will see 5 new patients, some days I see 0 new patients. It does not matter because the patients come to me as they need me. The payment they give me in return for helping them seems like a natural exchange of energy. I give them something and they give me something.
  4. I realize that my Mother’s thoughts are not my own. I also realize how deep these thoughts are in me because I catch myself from time to time still thinking: “I can’t afford this or It’s too expensive or I don’t have enough”. I recognize this thinking is scarcity thinking or as I call it “Stinkin Thinkin”. I stop it and immediately think of what I am grateful for.
  5. I feel more free and feel like I am enjoying life a lot more. For the first time ever, I feel comfortable going with the flow of how my practice and life are supposed to go.
  6. I am still working on being able to relax more, but the abundance in my life will make this easier for me to learn.

I am so excited by this Abundance Program. I am glad I seized the opportunity to take this year- long program.

Kevin Wong

Dr. Kevin M. Wong, D.C.

"My Abundance Report for the First Quarter"